Free 301 URL Forwarder

Just enter the address of your site or page and hit "Go"...

I bet you want to shorten a web address! I hope it's not for something illegal as we do not allow it!
Long yours tend to be forgotten in a matter of milliseconds. This is the main reason people use Free URL Forwarder services.
The only thing you have to do is paste your long url and we even give you the chance to choose the short link.
If it's not already taken that is :) Well if it is, I am sure you will think of another free url to take.
So when a user clicks or writes your new short adress, we do URL forwarding and send them to the long address you set up.
Please note that our forwarders give 301 code which means "Moved Permanently" in web language so enjoy.
So Go Go Go. Get those Free URL Forwarder adresses going. The more, the better.
WARNING!!! Please don't link to nasty illegal stuff. We will delete such forwarders without notification.